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Orcan Ogetbil orcanbahri at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 23:31:40 CET 2008

--- On Thu, 10/30/08, Zack Rusin <zack at kde.org> wrote:

> From: Zack Rusin <zack at kde.org>
> Subject: Re: taskbar: onlyGroupWhenFull
> Well, all your googling proves is that Microsoft along with
> Apple and KDE all 
> groups tasks by default, which is pretty much the opposite
> what you're arguing 
> for.
> Fortunately for us we have usability experts and instead of
> complaining about 
> things you don't like you can go and ask them. 
KDE4 nicely supports hovering over the taskbar to display the information about each task without even clicking on them. Additionally, whenever possible, I prefer those applications that have a tabbing feature for the job I want to do. I think that this feature remains in developers' minds as a habit from the tabless days.

> This is how my panel looks without grouping:
> http://ktown.kde.org/~zrusin/panel.png
> and this is only showing tasks from the current desktop. I
> have to click on 
> each and every item in the taskbar to find anything. While
> I'm certainly a very 
> special kind of user, your argument for pointlessness of
> grouping tasks is 
> obviously bogus.
> z

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. Nevertheless there are times when my taskbar becomes similar. But (probably because of my physicist nature that always keeps me aware of my background tasks) I want to have it that way. I can tell what each task is doing with my eyes closed in most cases. Well maybe me and possibly all the people I talked to (mostly scientists and engineers) belong those special kind of users.

Hence for now there is nothing I can do other than recommending a study on this. I think having a page in kde.org for such surveys will do a great job in helping with decisions for defaults. And I can (and am willing to) help with building such a page. I'd be happy if you can tell me what would be my next steps.



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