[Panel-devel] ATi- Plasma- support

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Thu Aug 18 08:41:22 CEST 2005

On Thursday 18 August 2005 06:28, danalien wrote:
> >why? why should we even care? Why should we even be worrying about
> > catering our code to one specific chipset or vendor?
> It's not what I'm/was saying at all! - the Plasma code ough to be
> made platform indepented (from myPOV!)
> What I was reffering to, was the _drivers_ - they need to be the best
> they can be, and that's the thing that needs to be 'cipset or vendor'
> specifyc!  And they need to be open for us (the F/OSS community) to
> tweak the most out of the cards ... 

Which driver are you hacking on currently? Refresh my memory because the 
number of graphics drivers developers is so incredibly great that I 
often forget who I did and did not get a patch from.

> and not have to allways go and 
> ask ATI if they wouldn't do this or that ... everytime we think of
> something  - but instead just have have the liberty to go and try out
> new ideas when we seem fit ... with out the hassle / politics that is
> involved with binary drivers!

How many times have "you" tried someting new with open source graphics 

> Q is, are "we" politicians or developers? .... I know I'm not a
> politician!

Then why are you arguing politics?

> But sure, if you want to go the 'politics' route, be my guest. Tough
> it won't change my option that it's a bad call.
> And as an indivudial I'm entiled to my own option - even if the whole
> world is against it!     So plz, leave it be....

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That doesn't make all 
opinions equal though. For example I'm allowed to think that I look 
great while wearing women's underwear on my head with socks as gloves - 
it doesn't necessarily mean it's a "good opinion," but I'm certainly 
allowed to have it.

> PS. I choose not to comment on the rest - as I think I've made my
> myself clear.

You sure did. But again, that doesn't mean you made any sense.


Programming is like sex... make one mistake, and support it the rest
of your life. 

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