[Panel-devel] Let's talk Extenders

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at gmx.net
Thu Aug 4 19:09:53 CEST 2005


Am Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2005 11:41 schrieb Hans Oischinger:
> Yeah, but I don't see how ZUI should be another state of plasmoids. ZUI
> should rather provide different states for the desktop like "normal",
> "exposing plasmoids in way xy", etc.
> But I don't know if the term ZUI really applies to the "different views" of
> the desktop that we were talking about at kde-artists.org. After all we
> don't zoom anywhere, we just give access to plasmoids.

One could put functionalities like kwifimanager into a zoomable plasmoid. This 
way, in its normal state, it does not use a lot of space on the desktop but 
only gives information about the connection quality and maybe the ESSID one 
is connected to. If one points at it with the mouse, it would zoom into kwifi 
and display more information, as well as funtionality, such as a list of 
networks available or a list of existing wlan-profiles.

Most task-icons hide some functionality while displaying information, i.e. 
they could be made zoomable instead of having to click on them.

Some of them would just need a big icon when not zoomed into, such as e.g. 
kpowersave with its battery. Amarok or any other player would also just need 
a big button, yet some might be considered useful by the user only, if they 
reveal more than a button in their un-zoomed state. So the user should be 
able to define the un-zoomed state. For example: Amarok, lowest zoom-level 
would just be the current taskbar-icon showing that something is played, or 
paused. Next zoom-level would be to always have the controls and current 
song-name displayed and the final zoom-level would be to have a small 
playlist as well.

Same applies to kpowersave. Some would just like the battery icon, some might 
also want to see the time remaining, without having to zoom. Kmail would 
display just the envelope with the number of new messages for some users, yet 
some users would set the default zoom-level of kmail to the list of the new 
email's senders. I hope one gets the idea.


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