[Owncloud] Got A LOT of conflicts today

Roland Hager roland.hager at tu-berlin.de
Thu Sep 12 06:34:19 UTC 2013

On 12.09.2013 01:14, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> [...]
>> After killing the owncloud process I discovered that several thousand 
>> of my files had been changed
>> to “<name>_conflict-date-time.<ext>”
>> Even files not changed in a long time were renamed. This is one of 
>> the scary scenarios that has prevented me from using such a cloud 
>> service for a long time before I started with OwnCloud about half a 
>> year ago.
> [...]
> My apologies, but we need to find out what happened, because this 
> specific behavior is, to the best of my knowledge, not common at all. 
> Given that you have the deletion tool now, can you help us to 
> reproduce the problem?

Hi Daniel,

We also have users with similar problems. One or two reported that there 
local files where deleted but still exists on the server. They needed to 
set up the sync folder from scratch to get all files back. One user 
reported that local files got deleted and all server logs looked like 
they never where uploaded, just deleted locally. Two users reported 
issues with "conflicted" files. One had thousands of them all over the 
sync folders (original files where deleted), one just had a problem with 
one file. All had in common a Windows operating system and using Version 
1.2 or 1.3. Not all of them are experienced power users but I tried to 
reproduce the failure with some of them ... with no luck. In the end we 
set up a fresh sync folder and the error was gone. Since the sync client 
did not log anything before 1.4 without explicitly adding a parameter, 
we did not report that, because we had no idea about the reason and how 
to reproduce it.

So yes, it is not a common problem if one sync "crashes" out of 1000 but 
it scares the users that are concerned about data integrity.

I hope the new version 1.4 will do it better now.

best regards
Roland Hager
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