[Owncloud] Got A LOT of conflicts today

Daniel Molkentin danimo at owncloud.com
Wed Sep 11 23:14:23 UTC 2013

Hi Geir,

Am 12.09.2013 um 00:51 schrieb Geir Kilsti:

> Hi!
> After I installed 1.4.0 two days ago, I suddenly discovered notification messages from owncloud
> on my laptop, in a very high speed,  A LOT of them.

What was the message?

> After killing the owncloud process I discovered that several thousand of my files had been changed
> to “<name>_conflict-date-time.<ext>”  
> Even files not changed in a long time were renamed. This is one of the scary scenarios that has prevented me from using such a cloud service for a long time before I started with OwnCloud about half a year ago.

Were those conflicts identical to the original files? In 1.4.0 we have code that should prevent _exactly_ this type of error by doing a byte-by-byte comparison before creating a conflict. Something must have gone very wrong, and it would be good to find out why. You are the first person since quite a while to report mass-conflicts.

> This file-renaming stopped all my programs using data from this area from working and was REALLY annoying.
> Fortunately I’m a windows programmer and made a small program that renames all the files back to what they were before.
> But now I don’t trust owncloud any more L

My apologies, but we need to find out what happened, because this specific behavior is, to the best of my knowledge, not common at all. Given that you have the deletion tool now, can you help us to reproduce the problem?

> What I really need is to be able to specify a one-way sync for a specific folder, to use ONLY for backup.
> This shouldn’t be so hard to make.
> Can someone please think hard about this?

If you really want to use ownCloud as a backup storage (why not use a pure samba/nfs mount?), mount it via webdav and run a backup job, either with a backup tool or a custom script. This should work today. Modifying ownCloud Client to support another mode of operation (which it is, even if it technically seems to be just a subset) is not on the roadmap, given that there are existing applications that do the job today.


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