[Owncloud] Got A LOT of conflicts today

Geir Kilsti geir at kilsti.com
Wed Sep 11 22:51:50 UTC 2013



I use Owncloud on Windows 7, 64bit with 1.4.0 client.

I use this to sync my data folder on Windows to my own Centos Owncloud 6.3

I sync ONLY from this laptop to the backup folder on the server.

After I installed 1.4.0 two days ago, I suddenly discovered notification
messages from owncloud

on my laptop, in a very high speed,  A LOT of them.


After killing the owncloud process I discovered that several thousand of my
files had been changed

to "<name>_conflict-date-time.<ext>"  

Even files not changed in a long time were renamed. This is one of the scary
scenarios that has prevented me from using such a cloud service for a long
time before I started with OwnCloud about half a year ago.


This file-renaming stopped all my programs using data from this area from
working and was REALLY annoying.

Fortunately I'm a windows programmer and made a small program that renames
all the files back to what they were before.

But now I don't trust owncloud any more L

What I really need is to be able to specify a one-way sync for a specific
folder, to use ONLY for backup.

This shouldn't be so hard to make.

Can someone please think hard about this?


BR, Geir Kilsti, Norway.

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