[Owncloud] Sync Client 1.4: Warnings on individual files

Jean-Francois Couture jfcouture at visionordi.com
Thu Sep 5 15:13:26 UTC 2013

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Date: 9/5/13 10:59 am
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On 05.09.2013 16:48, Daniel Wunderlich wrote:
 > Hi,
 >>> There is one thing I don't understand in detail: After a sync process,
 >>> the cient's icon shows a little 'i'. The same 'i' is shown at some of my
 >>> folders. After checking log files, I assume that this symbol indicates
 >>> that some files were not synced because they match one of the patterns
 >>> of the ignore list. Is this possible?
 >> Yes. If you hover over with the mouse, there should be appear a longer,
 >> more verbose text explaining that.
 > okay, now it is clear. But does it make sense *not* to declare a
 > synchronization 'successful', if there are ignored files? For example,
 > if you have large temporary files you want to ignore during sync, the
 > sync-process itself is successful although the files are excluded from sync.
 Well, fair point. OTOH we had people complaining that they got no 
 information that actually files were ignored. So exactly the other way 
 A good compromise will probably be that ignored files are listed in the 
 info dialog with the [i] but do not reflect to the "overall status" icon 
 which is in the tray.
I had the same way of thinking about the information icon on the ignored files.
Could there be a 4th checkbox in the general tab to activate/deactivate the information icon ?

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