[Owncloud] Sync Client 1.4: Warnings on individual files

Daniel Wunderlich danielwunderlich at gmx.de
Thu Sep 5 15:14:17 UTC 2013


> Well, fair point. OTOH we had people complaining that they got no 
> information that actually files were ignored. So exactly the other
> way round.

okay, I can understand that, too. The 'i' also showed me conflict-files
I did not recognize before. ;o)

> A good compromise will probably be that ignored files are listed in
> the info dialog with the [i] but do not reflect to the "overall
> status" icon which is in the tray.

That sounds good! Maybe it would also make sense to indicate ignored
files per-folder at the Sync Client's overview? Then you could see
directly which folder includes ignored files and you don't have to
'check' every folder's info dialog (when this will be possible some day)
to see ignored files.

Another possibility would be to display a warning which can be closed.
But then you have to save, for which files you already got a warning. I
think this would be more complicated.


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