[Owncloud] Question about owncloud client/server

Jo L Paulsen jo at nesmas.no
Fri Oct 25 07:59:15 UTC 2013

I have installed owncloud on a server, and got it working ok, and no problem using the mobile clients (android and iPhone). However when i install the windows client on my computer, i get a strange error on the with CSync: "CSync processing step update failed. Backend Message: Invalid Content-Length in response" 
(The error blinks in the client interface) 

I have even, due to an unrelated hard disk -crash on an older server, reinstalled the whole owncloud-server and updated the client on the windows machine, but the error still persists. 

I have searched for this line on the internet, but nobody seems to have anything on it. 
Does anyone here know what it is and how i fix this error? 

The owncloud server is running on an Ubuntu server (64 bit) 12.04 LTS with LAMP, and the windows client is running on a windows 7 machine. 

And again, the server works against android and ios clients with no errors, and as expected. The only problem is with the window client, or so it seems. 

Jo Leander Paulsen 
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