[Owncloud] Hardware for use with ownCloud

André Schild Aarboard a.schild at aarboard.ch
Sat Oct 19 15:34:49 UTC 2013

Hello Paul,

Am 19.10.2013 13:56, schrieb Paul Greindl:
> Hi everyone!
> We are working on a project which involves setting up an ownCloud 
> server for a large group of users (two or three hundred). So I wonder 
> if anyone maybe can provide some kind of guidance in how powerful 
> hardware we need? Is there any general data available for the amount 
> of system resources needed to get ownCloud run fast and reliable? Some 
> kind of CPU & RAM per 1/10/100 users? Would help us very much in 
> deciding which hardware to buy! Currently it's more guessing than 
> knowing what we need....

As usual this depends.... :)

If you have 100 users, but they only use the sync client and don't have 
large/huge directory trees,
you will need something different from a setup where you have 100 users 
alls working with huge
files and many many folders/files, and eventually also using the 
photogallery or other apps.

A good disk subsystem might be required, but this realy depends on your 
specific use case

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