[Owncloud] Hardware for use with ownCloud

Paul Greindl paul.greindl at riseup.net
Sat Oct 19 17:29:32 UTC 2013


I don't know the habit's if the users, I guess they are rather mixed. So 
if we assume the "worst" case? The hardware needs to be able to handle 
even the worst peaks that could possible occur in our use case, so a 
rather generous margin is needed, I think. But even just some average 
data on needed resources would be valuable!

Thanks for the reply


On 2013-10-19 17:34, André Schild Aarboard wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> Am 19.10.2013 13:56, schrieb Paul Greindl:
>> Hi everyone!
>> We are working on a project which involves setting up an ownCloud 
>> server for a large group of users (two or three hundred). So I wonder 
>> if anyone maybe can provide some kind of guidance in how powerful 
>> hardware we need? Is there any general data available for the amount 
>> of system resources needed to get ownCloud run fast and reliable? 
>> Some kind of CPU & RAM per 1/10/100 users? Would help us very much in 
>> deciding which hardware to buy! Currently it's more guessing than 
>> knowing what we need....
> As usual this depends.... :)
> If you have 100 users, but they only use the sync client and don't 
> have large/huge directory trees,
> you will need something different from a setup where you have 100 
> users alls working with huge
> files and many many folders/files, and eventually also using the 
> photogallery or other apps.
> A good disk subsystem might be required, but this realy depends on 
> your specific use case
> André
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