[Owncloud] Not seeing Shared entries while using KDE Kontact/Kalendar

Joerg Mertin smurphy at solsys.org
Wed Oct 16 12:00:55 UTC 2013

Hi Mate,

using KDE SC 4.11.2 - just upgraded from 4.10.5, and everytime I do a major 
upgrade, I test out the Kontact stuff.

So far - way faster than under 4.10.5, and Kontact crashes less often (Only 
once so far). I am however not able to get the shared calendars into it. Still 
trying though.

I'll check out how far I can get. If I manage to get it to work, I'll let you 
folks know.

Note: it could be it is usable on my system, as it is amazingly fast already.
Mac mini 6,2 i7 Q4 @ 2.6GHz, 16GB Ram, and 256GB SSD.
So - plenty of Ram and amazinglyu fast disk subsystem. I don't know how it is 
under a regular Disk...

On Wednesday 16 October 2013 12:52:22 Arthur Schiwon wrote:
> Hey,
> which KDE version?
> When I used Kontact, I simply used generic *dav type to configure
> ownCloud calenders and contacts, instead of the ownCloud type. All
> calenders were shown, including shared ones. So far so good.
> However, even in KDE 4.11 Kontact/Akonadi is so much unusable and has
> (for me) many bugs in many places. Including displaying of
> calendars/contacts/mails, searching Contacts etc. Eventually, I
> completely got rid of it, because it was not usable in a productive way.
> I am using Evolution now. It works. Though i don't like the application
> too much, compared to Kontact it is usable and compared to Thunderbird
> has a better UX imho.
> Cheers
> Arthur
> P.S.: I am really really sad about this, because Kontact itself is an
> awesome application, unfortunately never reached the stability in the
> KDE 4 cycle that it had before. Would it not be dramatic showstopper, it
> is superior to all the groupwares I know.
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