[Owncloud] Not seeing Shared entries while using KDE Kontact/Kalendar

Joerg Mertin smurphy at solsys.org
Wed Oct 16 16:11:45 UTC 2013

FYI - I managed to get it to work.
It was actually my own self inflicted over confidence that "I can get everything 
to run stored on my NAS".

Thing is - I had configured a long time ago (with one of the first akonadi 
versions) my mail system and calendar and addresses to use the NAS remote 
mysql database.
In the meantime I had done so many changes that this DB was completely 

What I did to get it work, was actually a fresh start.
I removed all existing configuration files of akonadi on my KDE system, removed 
the existing local DB, and wiped the NAS akonadi DB.

I then restarted it all and configured the Calendar and Address book into the 
respective applications under KDE - to use the specifically provided links 
under the owncloud settings tab.

Now it works. It is amazingly fast, and I have all I need where it is supposed 
to be.

It is also quite stable :} I am impressed by both - KDE Kontact + Owncloud !

Thx to all  Developers !


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