[Owncloud] WebDav Custom Properties

Bart Visscher bartv at thisnet.nl
Mon Sep 24 19:03:07 UTC 2012

On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 09:52:23AM -0600, Rob Oakes wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-09-24 at 10:41 +0200, Bart Visscher wrote:
> > On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 03:00:54PM -0600, Rob Oakes wrote:
> > Yes you can save custom properties in ownCloud WebDav. Not sure which
> > md5 you will be storing, we don't remove custom properties for changed
> > files.
> Hi Bart,
> Thanks for getting back to me. The md5 is just an example, and would
> correspond to the last md5 seen by a sync client I've been working on.
> There are other properties I'd like to store as well, which would be
> available for the sync client to help it sort out an incomplete sync. U
> till now, I've been saving the information in an XML manifest file that
> I upload at the end of the operation.  Having the data stored as
> properties would be more flexible.
> Are there any rules which namespaces have to follow? (I saw that they
> should use Clark notation,
> http://gitorious.org/owncloud/owncloud/blobs/bd91ee4d2289b15fa69c3712056f275cac3405ed/3rdparty/Sabre/DAV/IProperties.php)
> Might it be possible to see the XML of a working example, so I know how
> they should be constructed? I've been trying to get one together on my
> test server (both by directly submitting XML requests and through the
> use of cadaver), but haven't had much luck. When I submit a custom
> property name/value, it says that it was successfully added, but doesn't
> show up when I try and retrieve the property list.


Requesting a list of properties does not work correctly. I think this is
something in Sabre. But you can get and set properties for resources,
try it with cadaver. That works for me. I think you can get the custom
properties when you request them getting the collection.

> Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated. I'm using ownCloud 4.5
> beta 4.
> Cheers,
> Rob Oakes

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