[Owncloud] Heavy LDAP user search

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Fri Sep 21 09:56:12 UTC 2012

On Friday 21 September 2012 11:41:14 Arthur Schiwon wrote:
> > I'm always
> > running into the search time limit of our ldap server. Now, when I try
> > to share something with another ldap user, the owncloud server hangs. I
> > assume, it's because the autocomplete function tries to read in all 50k
> > users of our directory. 
> Try to increase the Cache TTL to make it run more smoothly. However, every
> now  and then it needs to be updated.

Why not create an option in the LDAP-backend/Admin app to (pre-)scan the 
directory? That way the administrator can determine when it's a good time to 
query the 'whole' directory instead of it being invoked when the first user 
request triggers it. I'm not sure, but maybe this way there's also a(n elegant) 
way to avoid timeouts.
Would using the cron feature a proper way to update the cache and/or fill it in 
the first place?

Note: I haven't used the LDAP backend (yet?), so this is just me brainstorming. 
Hope it helps.

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