[Owncloud] Another Mirall Pull Request

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Tue Sep 11 21:33:38 UTC 2012

Hello all.

I understand Klaas is currently on vacation, but I wanted to let you 
know that I have submitted a pull request for a simple bug fix: 
https://github.com/owncloud/mirall/pull/3 .

When starting the owncloud client for the first time, it asks to be 
configured. On the first page of the configuration wizard (the setup 
page) the user enters the owncloud URL and the login information, and 
then hits next. If the next page (the install page) cannot connect to 
the owncloud server, the user needs to hit the back button to fix the 
URL or the login information. However, hitting the back button on the 
install page results in the protocol (http:// or https://) being 
prepended to the URL line edit on the setup page, which breaks unless 
removed by the user. Since it was never entered by the user in the first 
place, my change eliminates the prepending.

Kyle Fazzari

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