[Owncloud] Translation issues

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Wed Sep 5 14:10:32 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 05 September 2012 14:02:05 Thomas Müller wrote:
> > In other parts of the translations, I came across strings which have
> > (html)  markup in them. Is that intentional?
> In general it is advised no to have html within translation strings as it
> confuses translators. But most of the time it is not possible, because we
> need to make sure that sentences are not split.

I understand and agree, otherwise you could end up with really weird sentences.

But in another case there was "wordtotranslate <BR />" and in that case the html 
markup doesn't add value and only increases the chances for error.
Is there a way to flag a 'Source string' for review so that someone (a developer) 
can take a look whether the string to translate is indeed correct (or 

> usually translators have enough tech background to handle html
> within translations strings.

It's not a problem (for me), but in some cases I didn't see the added value.


PS: in mirall (1st page) there are 2 strings which contain a complete html page; 
I pretty sure that's not intentional

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