[Owncloud] bugtracker situation

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Oct 23 09:23:02 UTC 2012

Frank Karlitschek <frank at owncloud.org>
> So we don´t think that we have a lock-in here.
> It´s true that every github user can open bugs at owncloud. I think this is a plus. Why do you think this is a problem?

That's reading it with the most positive spin.  The problem is that
*only* github users will be able to open bugs - that is, github will
control access to owncloud bug reporting.

> > github's registration terms are nasty in a couple of other ways.
> > See https://github.com/site/terms or for a summary
> > http://tos-dr.info/#github-tosdr
> > 
> > So please can we keep some way to submit bugs without registering at
> > github?
> I agree that this is not ideal. But it is not one of the bad terms of services that other websites use. I personally don´t see a problem because I don´t give away any right of my content by signing up here.

I agree, github isn't too bad about content, although they say they
may delete all content after they remove an account for any reason.

Content-grabbing is not the only thing that makes some terms of
service bad.  For example, some terms require users to pay the service
provider's legal bills, or play "spot the difference" in their terms
to see what they changed unilaterally without telling users - github
does both of those.

> But if this is a problem for you can I suggest to sign up with a fack username and a fake email address.

I'm shocked!  That's explicitly prohibited by the terms of service!
So that's suggesting to breach the contract?

Actually, github's terms about names are even worse than just not
allowing pseudonyms.  They don't even want my real name, the name I
use: they demand my legal full name, which isn't something I give out,
for various reasons (including that it's not the name I use).

> And if this also not an option then you can ask one of the
> developers to file a bug in your name.

OK, how?  (I wasn't exactly successful in asking developers to post
a bugfix to oc-1586 in my name in the last month.)

> > anyone been in touch with them about the problems owncloud has been
> > having?  After all, FOSS improves more when you engage with upstream.
> In fact I tried for many many month. And I invested a lot of hours
> into that. After a lot of pain we came to the conclusion that this
> is not the right tool for us.

I'm probably being dense, but I didn't find that on
http://issues.thebuggenie.com/ or http://forum.thebuggenie.com/ - I'd
love to know the actual problems that the owncloud project found in
the bug genie, but didn't want to ask developers to repeat them.

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