[Owncloud] bugtracker situation

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Oct 25 10:30:32 UTC 2012

"g4 at novadsp.com" <g4 at novadsp.com>> 
> On 23/10/2012 10:45, MJ Ray wrote:
> > It's back now.  Worrying that bits of github just die randomly, isn't
> > it?  https://status.github.com/ was itself down then, but according to
> > that now, the terms pages were only down for 3 minutes 0824-0827 PST
> Just my 2c here. Github is not quite perfect. However it does the job 
> well enough for my employer to entrust all of its code (covering 
> embedded firmware/Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Cloud).
> The salient point is this: git clone <URL> is all you need.

Cool.  How do I report bugs with git clone, please?

To be clear, I've no objection to people choosing to host open
services like the git repository at github, as long as they'll still
take push requests from other hosts, as we can just use "git clone"
and open protocols.

The issue tracker is not an open service by default, so is
problematic.  It may be that access can be opened somehow (automated
or human), which would be good enough, but at the moment it looks closed.

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