[Owncloud] Update to sabredav 1.6

Georg Ehrke ownclouddev at georgswebsite.de
Sat Mar 3 18:46:23 UTC 2012

I am working currently on the implementation of the new sabredav 
version. Most bug reports regarding webdav, caldav and carddav would 
probably be fixed with an update. It seems to work so far, but the 
problem is that the new sabredav version requires PHP 5.3. After the 
release of ownCloud 3 a lot people asked why they can't see the calendar 
anymore, so it seems that a lot people are still using PHP 5.2 or older 
The question is what we should do now.
1. Release owncloud 4 with sabredav 1.6 and force the users to update to 
PHP 5.3 (bad if a user only rents a server and isn't allowed to update)
2. Release sabredav 1.6 earliest with owcloud 5 or 6 and announce that 
owncloud will require PHP 5.3 soon (there would be still all the bugs 
caused by sabredav 1.5.x )
(3. Release two versions of owncloud 4. one with sabredav 1.6 (>= PHP 
5.3) and one with sabredav 1.5 (would probably confuse several users) - 
only in worst case of need)

I don't know how old or true these statistics are, but according to 
these statistic 71.4 % of webservers with PHP 5 are running PHP 5.2. 
(http://w3techs.com/technologies/details/pl-php/5/all )

This is a really difficult question we should talk about.

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