[Owncloud] Lot of _conflict-Files after Update

hemathor hemathor at gmx.de
Sat Dec 22 18:26:05 UTC 2012


> The Client doesn't stop syncing again or never finishes for 2 days now.
> Nearly every file on my server got a _conflit-File again, but none of
> them are on my local Machines. [...]

as a humble user i had the same problems on linux over and over again... up to 2573 conflict files (including conflict files of conflict files, and conflict files of conflict files of conflict files... you get the idea...)

right now, since i do not yet use owncloud syncinc productively for all my family and relatives, because it is far from being reliable, with each update i create a new sync directory and copy all files from the old directory to the new one.
since then, i rarely get a lot of conflict files again...

no idea if that's a suitable solution for you.


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