[Owncloud] Help needed in building mirall

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Wed Dec 19 13:35:52 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, December 19, 2012 18:49:04 Ayudh Das wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 5:40 PM, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at kde.org> wrote:
>  Actually I figured out the problem. All it took was to checkout the branch
> > 'dav' in http://git.csync.org/users/freitag/csync.git which did the trick.
> > Further the the build process required the shared library libcsync.so
> > which
> > is actually made by the name libocsync.so so I made a link by the required
> > name (ln -sf libocsync.so libcsync.so). After that the build took place
> > without any hassle.
> That's part of my "rebase" item, the plasmaclient branch is from times
> before libcsync was renamed to libocsync, so it still links against the old
> one. Your link will make it work in both cases, and you won't need the link
> once I'm done rebasing.
> I think for me the struggle for a successful build was worth it. It was a
> nice learning experience overall. Now I am studying the code. Are there any
> mentored bugs or mentored junior jobs here for me so that I can learn some
> more about the code?

Not right now, as I've mostly been hacking on the code alone. What you could 
do is look at it more closely, and identify a few areas which you think would 
need improvement. Once you've got one or a few points, tell us, and we'll work 
out a strategy how this stuff gets fixed.

The downside of this is that you get to do some conceptual work, the upside is 
that you get to do some conceptual work. :-)


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