[Owncloud] Re: Translation and permissions

kfx manuel.bertrand at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 15:59:27 UTC 2011

On 3/8/11 4:27 PM, Sergio Ballesteros wrote:
> Hi, first of all, I'm very glad with the proyect Owncloud, so glad 
> that I would like to take part, and I was wondering if there is any 
> way I could translate the releases of Owncloud from English to Spanish 
> and share it with the comunity.
> I'd also like to ask which are the propper permissions to each folder 
> in a GNU/Linux server (Debian). If the permissions are 777 for the 
> main folder of owncloud (/var/www/owncloud) and also 777 for the 
> subfolders (/var/www/owncloud/*) you can easyly access to the files of 
> any user, just in the link www.(myweb).com/owncloud/data/.
> So which permissions should be given to each folder?

The permission problem is for users with shell access to the server. 
Just fix it by assigning a correct user/group and removing others rights.
And for the much worrying problem which allows direct access to the 
user's file with HTTP without any authentication you have to drop a 
.htaccess file in the data directory denying all access. I think this 
should be mentioned as fast as possible in the readme file.

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