[Owncloud] Introductioh, Owncloud Q&A on Shapado

Fabián Rodríguez magicfab at member.fsf.org
Tue Aug 16 12:02:34 UTC 2011

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I recently found out about OwnCloud, which I've quickly setup (v1 via
Ubuntu packages, then v2 on public shared web hosting at
https://owncloud.legoutdulibre.com). I also proposed to use Shapado as a
Q&A engine, if anyone is curious you can see it here:

I am glad it was quickly adopted, perhaps the fact its questions are
published by RSS to the IRC channel is what helps get immediate
awareness (and answers) to it. I think it's a great way to oddload
mailing lists and it also measure community participation.

Most importantly, it's already designed to work in other languages.

If you're on IRC you're bound to be that technical-oriented person able
to answer - and if you see a question popping up, you may just do that.

I am a moderator there but if anyone else wants to jump in help is
always needed. A moderator's job is to:
- - Reformat questions, have proper wording so they are easy to understand
- - Tag questions appropriately
- - Respond to moderation requests or moderate proactively (for SPAM,
which is not always obvious)

I am not sure if I can appoint other mods yet, but if anyone is really
interested come by IRC and ask to become one, that is how I proposed and
obtained this great resource too.

I am mostly interested in any ways one can become autonomous when
managing onlinde/social data so I'll most probably be bringin in my
observations from other projects and following progress here (and
reporting bugs/feature req's!).


Fabian Rodriguez
Montreal, QC, Canada
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