[Owncloud] Re: ownCloud 1.1 RC1 releases

Pascal d'Hermilly pascal at dhermilly.dk
Sun Oct 31 13:51:29 UTC 2010

On 31-10-2010 02:40, Robin Appelman wrote:
>> Bugs until now:
>> -in the first run wizard: "Administrator" is spelled wrongly as
>> "Administartor" although I suppose it could be a pun ;-)
>> - There is a music link - but it greets you with "nothing here yet :-)" -
>> thats quite a disapointment when you were thinking "Yay a media player!"
>> - in Files>Upload: The "File Too Large" message is too easily overseen as I
>> was wondering why it wasn't uploading - and did it 3-4 times before noticing
>> (only because I was trying to debug)
>> -In settings menu: "Management" is wrongly spelled "Managment" - both in
>> Plugin and User. Thumbs up for consistency though ;-)
> Never trust me to use correct English :P will fix those right away.
> Removing the "placeholder" Music plugins seems like a good idea, I'm
> working on a media player but that isn't close to being release ready.
> Not sure about how to do the "File Too Large " error better, suggestions?
Well, until a better solution is in place, a simple javascript alert-box, although a bit crude, would be quite effective and fitting since the main task that the user is perfoming is being cancelled.
Pehaps, writing out the maximum upload size  would not be a bad idea either.
Something like this javascript/php :
alert('File too large.\nMaximum file size is <?= ini_get('upload_max_filesize')?> as dictated by the web server.');

>> Small things that would be nice to have:
>> -It is not clear what the "automatic backup" option means in the first run
>> wizard.
>> - A hint of how/where to get more plugins
>> - On the website - how to make plugins should perhaps be a bit more clear -
>> perhaps with an example
> Will try to do a bit of documentation on plugins soon I hope
>> Thoughts
>> There seems not to be much more "functionality" than the File storage.
>> Wasn't this in 1.0 as well? I understand the need to deploy a 1.1 to get the
>> new plugin system out though. It will allow for a broader community.
> Yes, the biggest part of 1.1 is the plugin system, but also the tons
> of fixes done since 1.0
>   - Robin Appelman

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