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François K. daitheflu at free.fr
Mon Nov 15 09:01:28 UTC 2010

Hi !

Sorry guys, I wasn't at home this week-end. I see that things are moving, this is great :)

@Andrej : First, I've got no problem if you reuse my work. This is an opensource project, I think it's even a good thing that people do some derivatives works to improve it :)
I now understand what you were saying. I think we misunderstood on that point :)
Well, I still don't agree with the way you did it. Why didn't you just put a <a ...><img ></a> code in the cell ? That would be much cleaner, wouldn't it ?

As you said, I agree that it's better to have the arrow right next to the filename instead of placing it on the right side of the table.
I also agrre with the fact that left and right clicks behaviour must not be modified.

I'll update my mockups asap and keep you updated.



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@François, I re-read your mail from yesterday and it seem I misunderstood you a bit. With that vertical align thing you meant to position the entire arrow column in a straight vertical line. I thought you were referring to the vertical alignment of a single object inside a row. Sorry about that. 

Still I think not having those arrows in a straight column is better than forcing the user to skim all the way to the right. Even though the rows have a bottom border it can still be hard to follow the same row from the filename to the arrow on the right. Not to mention visually impaired or otherwise disabled persons. 

@Robin, if you have a large list of files with short filenames and one with a long filename, wouldn't it look ugly? If I understand you correctly you wanted to position the arrows in a straight column right after the longest filename, right? 

Andrej Čremožnik 

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