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Andrej Čremožnik andrej.cremoznik at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 12:08:49 UTC 2010

 On 15 November 2010 10:01, François K. <daitheflu at free.fr> wrote:

> Well, I still don't agree with the way you did it. Why didn't you just put
> a <a ...><img ></a> code in the cell ? That would be much cleaner, wouldn't
> it ?

Actually no. Well, considering that ownCloud is (probably) not supposed to
be indexed by search engines and scraped for content it doesn't matter that
much but still. Let me explain;

Semantics. That arrow is a visual representation for a menu. It's a design
element that doesn't have any definite meaning - it can be interpreted
differently depending on the observer. From the semantic point of view you
shouldn't use "meaningless" elements in your markup. HTML is a descriptive
language used to define the meaning of content and not their visual
representation. Therefore a text such as "Options" makes way more sense
because it gives actual meaning to that arrow. This reasoning is very
abstract and applies mainly to public websites. Crawlers, scrapers, search
engine spiders and other mechanical readers can understand the content of
such sites.

Still, what if there's a blind user using a screen reader? Screen readers
don't understand graphics.
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