[Nepomuk] [RFC] New File Indexer

Alex Fiestas afiestas at kde.org
Tue Sep 11 14:06:01 UTC 2012

I think we've discussed this somewhere but I don't remember the outcome of the 
discussion xD

I think that would be really interesting to have an indexer that does a 2pass 

First pass will index only basic data such a name, dates, mimetype.

Second pass will index specific stuff, previews, texts, tags...

Doing this, we can even add third party "information fetchers" as a 3 pass, 
for example to get information about tv shows and such.

Let's put an example:

-New file in my Downlaod folder detected
-Quick super fast indexer indexs data, name, mimetype
         From this point, this file is already usable in Nepomuk
-Second pass, indexing tags, previews
-Third pass (this can be onDemand via GUI) information from the internetz is 

I got this idea from spotlight (osx indexer metadata thing), the most obvious 
way of seeing this in osx is when a new external storage is plugged, files 
will get indexed super fast but all you will get if you perform a search is 
going ot be filenames, not even mimetypes !


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