[Nepomuk] Nepomuk HTTP server

Jörg Ehrichs Joerg.Ehrichs at gmx.de
Sat Sep 8 11:25:02 UTC 2012

> I'm looking for a way to integrate my browsers (Firefox, Chormium and
> sometimes Rekonq) and my torrent client (Ktorrent) with Nepomuk.

I remember this Sebastian mentioned such a feature a while ago. See:

I'm not sure if this ever got implemented though.
This might be "easy" to add for KTorrent and reKonq, But hard to use
for other browsers as we need a way to hook into the download part of
the browsers to know where the file came from we downloaded currently.

> [...] if it is a
> movie or a song I would like to extract author information from the website.
> It is likely that the site contains in the download page some information
> about the performers in the downloaded movie/song and I would like to save
> that information to the file.

This part already works. See:

The Nepomuk Metadata Extractor together with the Nepomuk2::Service
watches for any downloaded music/movie/tv-show/document file and
fetches the metadata from the internet.

> I have thought of two solutions to this problem:
>  1) in Firefox, make a native plugin using NPAPI
> (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Gecko_Plugin_API_Reference); I
> suppose other browsers also have such a native code API.
> This is hard to do because someone has to write and maintain the plugin code
> for every browser in use.

I have created an NPAPI + Chrome extension that allows one to get
metadata from any supported webpage (python plugin based).
The NPAPi part is rather simple and straight forward all it needs
would be someone to extend this to firefox.

This of course only gets metadata. It would be possible to extend this
in order to get a download link too + download the file together with
the information.
But I'd rather not like to have this in the official repo (for legal reasons)

> This second solution seems pretty easy, but I have some questions:
>  4) has anyone else started such a project?
> I have googled "Nepomuk JSON" on the net and I came out with a GWT
> application (https://bitbucket.org/pombredanne/webannotator/), an Eclipse
> application (http://dev.nepomuk.semanticdesktop.org/wiki/EclipseDevelopment)
> and a server called SWIM. I have also found a dead link to the home page of
> a Mandriva software. So in my opinion, the existing http server software is
> unmantained, undocumented and/or does not do what I need.

What you have found doesn't have much to do with KDE-Nepomuk.
But if you want to get JSON metadata into Nepomuk you can reuse most
parts of my Metadata Extractor.
All you need to do is to transform the JSON into a QVariantList (QJSON
does it for you) and you can than use the NepomukPipe classes to
import all the data easily into nepomuk.

>  6) Do you have more up to date documentation? Do you have any advice?

If all you need is to add metadata (title, cover, artist, etc, etc) to
your downloaded data. Just stick with the Metadata Extractor.

Should you really want to add the ndo:copiedFrom information It might
be easier to go with NPAPI rather than spawning a local server working
around all this.


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