Necessitas is NOT ... (consolidating infrastructure)

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Actually we are using almost all KDE services:
- wiki (the development plan is there), the lack of man power prevent us to move everything to kde wiki from the beginning. Now is a little bit difficult to shutdown and google code. because a lot of people get used with them.
- project page (redmine) we are already using it (
- mailing list, necessitas primary development is necessitas-devel, android-qt is a general mailing list which can not be shutdown because it has a lot of members. IMHO is better how it is because necessitas-devel is low traffic where the developer can track all the threads. 
- - we are already using it, search for necessitas on it ! 
- forums - I'm ok with forums.
- - as you may seen, I'm not a great talker and I don't have a blog, but it will be great if someone else can do this job !

  Personally I like bugzilla very much, the problem is that it is to complicated for a normal user. I really tried to move bugtracker to kde but I received a lot of negative feedback e.g. why do I have to create another account there ( can use openid), why do I have to tell you if my distro is rpm or deb based, or if I install it from sources, etc. You see these questions are not useful for necessitas project, and I don't know if KDE sysadmins can remove them *ONLY* for Necessitas project. 

"and not just have a cheap download server" sound like we take advantage of KDE, which is not the case !

KDE e.v. owns the copyright for *ALL* *MY* code that is hosted on their servers !

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> > Hi,
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> > >>  Nobody wanted to do it! I can't do everything by myself !
> > > I can maybe do some of it, but don't we want to move all to
> > > and eventually shut down the sf page?
> > > 
> >
> > It's up to you ! The problem is that currently the home page is used by too may users to shut down it immediately, also it has an easier and better bugtracker than KDE and google code, so, IMHO it will be wise to keep them both and to use page as primary until we get something better, but as I said, in the end is up to you !
> Ok, then lets stick to SF, and lets try to shut down the other bugtrackers. Kde bt has only 5 bugs and google has only few more. Is it ok if i duplicate them to SF?
> As well, can i get edit rights for sf? Im mbernasocchi.
If Necessitas want's to be a KDE project, it should use *all* KDE services like:
- wiki
- git
- reviewboard
- project page (redmine)
- bugtracker
- mailing lists
- eventually forum
- download server
- announcements
- yes, even 
Only git, reviewboard and download server are used atm. mailing list is half used.
Imho this situation is confusing and you should completely move to kde infrastructure if you really want to be a KDE project (and not just have a cheap download server)
I understand that you don't like bugzilla... that personal preference - I don't like sf the bugtracker. 


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