Localization help need

Zhu Qi Chao QiChao.Zhu at panasonic.aero
Mon Oct 17 03:41:01 UTC 2011

Chinese Simplified

ISO code: zh



Hope still catch the deadline. :-)



Qichao Zhu

Panasonic Avionics Corporation



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Hello everybody, 

  As you may know we are preparing a new release of Necessitas SDK, and
we need your help to translate Necessitas [1], and Ministro [2] UI
strings to other languages.
How to help: 
 - download those two files
 - translate them ( here  [4] you can find Romanian translation for
Minsitro as an example)
 - attach and send them to my mail or just replay to this post (please
don't forget to specify the language ISO code).

For more information about localization please check [3]
The most important one is Necessitas [1] string !

Thank you very much !



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