[Marble-devel] ESA SOCIS 2015 - Bringing Marble into the Planetarium

Alejandro Garcia Montoro alejandro.garciamontoro at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 23:21:28 UTC 2015

Dear Mr Rahn and Mr Kuettner,

I am Alejandro GarcĂ­a Montoro, a Computer Science and Mathematics student
at University of Granada, Spain.

I am interested in applying for the project *Bringing Marble into the
Planetarium *of the ESA SOCIS 2015 programme but, before submitting the
application, I wanted to contact you in order to introduce myself and have
some more information.

I am studying the fourth year of my double degree. Last year I participated
with GranaSAT
<http://granasat.ugr.es/index.php/bexus-programme/our-experiment> in the
REXUS/BEXUS <http://rexusbexus.net/> programme, with the launch of an
experiment in a stratospheric balloon. We tested three attitude
determination systems in order to characterise them and choose the best one
for the picosatellite the University of Granada is designing. I worked as
the software engineer of the team, designing and coding all the system
except for one of the attitude determination subsystems and the ground
station. We released all the code with a GPL license; you can find the
project code in its GitHub repository.

GranaSAT project enhanced my interest in the aerospace field and all the
space-related software, and once I saw the ESA SOCIS programme I decided to

I am interested in Marble and in this specific idea because I think I could
be really helpful. I feel very comfortable working with C++; last year, at
GranaSAT, I learned a lot about optics-related issues, as I developed a
Horizon Sensor from scratch and we had to deal with the camera, lenses,
sensors and all the optical concepts they involved; furthermore, I think my
mathematical knowledge could be really helpful in the development of such
an idea.

I have also worked with OpenGL during the last year. Last semester I
studied a Computer Graphics subject in which we worked with it (the code of
all the project I developed can be seen in this other repository
<https://github.com/agarciamontoro/PracticasInformaticaGrafica>). Hence, I
think I could help with the enrichment of the Marble OpenGL mode.

I am not an expert in celestial mechanics, but I am now studying my second
course in the university about Differential Equations. Therefore, as I have
the mathematical basis, I could learn all the physics concepts I need to
develop the project.

Given my recent aerospace background and my technical capabilities, I think
I am ready for applying to this project. Hence, I started to study Marble
code some days ago. By now I understand the very basics of the code, of the
structure and of the dependencies. I have also started studying Qt, as it
is the first time I work with this framework.

I am also getting used to Stellarium code and its projection module; I
think it could be a very good start point for the implementation.

Finally, I wanted to know what do you exactly want the students to write in
the application. I am sketching a timing schedule that I will include,
along with the first ideas I have for the implementation of the project and
my technical background. If you need anything else, please, let me know.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,
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