[Marble-devel] QIODevice::write: device not open

Knut Schleßelmann knut.krause at lagom.de
Thu Mar 13 07:02:55 UTC 2014

Hi there,

I'm usinng marble as a Qt5 build from git and everything is working fine so 
far except that marble throws A LOT of "QIODevice::write: device not open" 
while I use it. It's so annoying I cannot use qDebug() in my code any more 
because every message will vanish immediately :-/

I tried to figure out where those messages come from and my best guess is the 
marble debug function where it uses this NullDevice. I tried to change it so 
something like

return QDebug(new QFile(QProcess::nullDevice()));

in the else part but it still results in those messages :-/

Anyone an idea how I (or even better everyone) could get rid of those 


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