[Marble-devel] Marble Declarative plugin extension for making QML interface for plugin settings

Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Thu May 31 10:39:48 UTC 2012

Hi Anton,

thanks for your input on this topic. Did you see 


"QML Layers in Marble" ?

I guess Dennis has a few more comments on this topic.


On Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012 12:33:13 Anton Chernov wrote:
> Hello Marble developers.
> I'm going to use Marble for special data processing case for internal
> usage in my company.
> I use QML for user interface in my project and I'm working on Marble
> intergarion to the project now.
> I think the best way to add some extensions to Marble is add a Render
> or Runner, or FloatItem plugins. But using Marble plugins in QML are
> little bit complicated, because we can only select active
> RenderPlugins and FloatItems but not manage theirs properties or
> handle events.
> I develop some additional class (DeclarativeRenderPlugin) which
> provide QML interface for plugins and share this interface from
> MarbleDeclarativeWidget. This extension allows get and change plugin
> properties, enable or disable plugins in QML etc. The example project
> based on "explore" example of Marble is also attached. The patch is
> based on current Marble master tree (commit
> 0299004157ce00cf901b6113c4ac14fa0c323c00 ).
> I think this kind of functionality in Marble declarative plugin will
> be very very useful. The code of patch may be a little rude, but shows
> the idea. I can continue this work if you say that it is needed.
> I'm open to your suggestions and feedback.
> Best regards,
> Anton Chernov
> +7910107001,
> +74996383760
> skype: chernov.anton

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