[Marble-devel] Questions about internal Marble structure

Anton Chernov chernov.anton.mail at gmail.com
Wed May 30 12:02:56 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

Today I make some investigations about internal Marble structure.

1. There are two different realization of Osm Tag Handlers. The first
is in OsmAnnotate plugin and was developed by Andrew Manson in 2009,
the second is in OsmPlugin by Konstantin Oblaukhov - 2011. Both of
them are placed in plugins so if somebody wants to add some
functionality which works with osm file than he/she will be confused.
Which implementation is better? The more important question is why
implementation is placed in plugin instead of library. For example kml
tag handlers are in src/lib/geodata/handlers/kml. Why osm handlers are
placed in different plugins directories?

2. When I was trying to make OsmAnnotate works I found that some parts
of code which used in OsmAnnotate were removed from Marble. For
example commit 23c1e5bf5f750f9a8d8073decc3d4a58bfce38d0. Are
RenderPlugin interface is stable? Can I use for example actionGroups()
and actionToolbarGroups() to send actions between plugin and marble

3. I do not find a way to send signals from RenderPlugin to marble
widget, or to programs which used libmarblewidget. Could you point me?

Best regards,
Anton Chernov
Skype: chernov.anton

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