[Marble-devel] language of maps for Marble on the N900

Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo.org
Thu May 3 16:49:09 UTC 2012

Hi Julien,

great you like Marble :-)
The language of the user interface is automatically detected on the N900 
according to the system settings of the N900. The OpenStreetMap theme is 
rendered in the local language of each region.
Internationalization is coming to OSM though [1] and you can use it in 
Marble as well: I just made a map theme that uses the experimental i18n 
rendering toolserver. You can download it from [2], see [3] for a 
preview (classic rendering left, localized to english on the right). The 
theme lets you switch between English, German, French and Spanish. 
Usually English gives the "best" results as other languages are often 
missing and then the original one is used.

To use the map theme in Linux:

$ cd ~/.local/share/marble
$ wget http://nienhueser.de/marble/openstreetmap-i18n.tar.bz2
$ tar xjf openstreetmap-i18n.tar.bz2

To use the map theme in the N900 (mounted via USB to /media/N900):

$ cd /media/N900/.local/share/marble
$ wget http://nienhueser.de/marble/openstreetmap-i18n.tar.bz2
$ tar xjf openstreetmap-i18n.tar.bz2

Unmount the N900, then open Marble. You should get a new theme named 
"OpenStreetMap (english)" which you can choose. Open the Legend and 
select a different language if you want something different than english.


[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Internationalization
[2] http://nienhueser.de/marble/openstreetmap-i18n.tar.bz2
[3] http://nienhueser.de/marble/osm-i18n.png

Am 03.05.2012 15:24, schrieb Julien Tailleur:
> Dear all,
> I've started using Marble for the N900 on Maemo and I'm quite 
> impressed, especially with the offline usage! There is one thing I've 
> not figured out: it's how to change the language in which names are 
> displayed on the maps. I'm currently travelling in Israel for a 
> conference and since I don't speak hebrew, it's pretty tough!
> On the user-guide, I've seen that this can be changed in the "View 
> Confugration" page (page 26 of the userguide) but I've no clue how to 
> find this settings in the n900 which has a much simpler GUI interface.
> If you have any clue of how I can fix that, this would be great !
> Thanks a lot for your nice work,
> Julien Tailleur
> ps: please do not forget to add my address in CC when you reply since 
> I've not subscribed to the mailing list.

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