[Marble-devel] language of maps for Marble on the N900

Julien Tailleur julien.tailleur at espci.fr
Thu May 3 13:24:38 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I've started using Marble for the N900 on Maemo and I'm quite impressed, 
especially with the offline usage! There is one thing I've not figured 
out: it's how to change the language in which names are displayed on the 
maps. I'm currently travelling in Israel for a conference and since I 
don't speak hebrew, it's pretty tough!

On the user-guide, I've seen that this can be changed in the "View 
Confugration" page (page 26 of the userguide) but I've no clue how to find 
this settings in the n900 which has a much simpler GUI interface.

If you have any clue of how I can fix that, this would be great !

Thanks a lot for your nice work,

Julien Tailleur

ps: please do not forget to add my address in CC when you reply since I've 
not subscribed to the mailing list.

Dr Julien Tailleur
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Laboratoire MSC
Batiment Condorcet
75205 Paris cedex 13
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