[Marble-devel] Integration of ÖPNV-Karte in Marble

Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo.org
Tue Dec 6 19:16:49 UTC 2011

Hi Melchior,

thanks for the quick reply and allowing the distribution of the map
theme with Marble. I'll push it to our list of available map theme
add-ons in a minute. That allows people to install it from within Marble.

Please contact me (or better marble-devel at kde.org) in case of any
problems or questions.


On 04.12.2011 23:58, Melchior Moos wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> normally CC-BY-SA does not say anything about data transfer volume on
> servers. So CC-BY-SA does not mean free tile usage, as you can see
> from the osm default mapnik tile usage policies. That's why I
> appreciate you request. Anyway I don't think it is a problem that you
> integrate the public transport map, I rather welcome the integration
> into marble if you comply to the terms of CC-BY-SA. At the moment I
> don't have any restrictions on the access volume and I don't plan to
> add restrictions as long as the transfer volume remains in reasonable
> boundaries. So from my side I would say go for it...
> Best regards,
> Melchior
> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 2:30 PM, Dennis Nienhüser <earthwings at gentoo.org> wrote:
>> Hi Melchior,
>> (CC to the marble-devel mailing list)
>> thanks for your work on the public transportation map [1]. I'd like to
>> integrate it into Marble, a virtual globe and world atlas software that
>> is part of KDE [2]. Marble is distributed under the terms of the LGPL,
>> version 2. See [3] for a screenshot how it looks like when displaying
>> the public transportation map.
>> I read that the public transportation map is licensed CC-BY-SA 2.0, but
>> wanted to make sure that this includes the access to your server. If
>> you're ok with it, are there restrictions on the number of connections
>> or similar? Marble tries to behave sane by default and limits the number
>> of simultaneous connections. Additionally we send a custom user agent
>> string that makes it possible to identify access done by Marble.
>> Regards,
>> Dennis
>> [1] http://öpnvkarte.de/ <http://xn--pnvkarte-m4a.de/>
>> [2] http://edu.kde.org/marble
>> [3] http://nienhueser.de/marble/marble-oepnvmap.png

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