[Marble-devel] 1.1 Release Preparations

Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo.org
Thu Apr 7 19:50:12 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

we're near the release date for Marble 1.1. Given that it's a release
out of sync with the other KDE applications, we need to do some
additional things like tagging and the release announcement ourselves.
And of course we should polish everything as much as possible to have a
smooth user experience, which is the main reason I'm writing this mail
:-) Let me try to summarize the things that are left to be done. Please
extend the list and help getting things done. Thanks!

- 2011-04-07 (today): RC1 tagging
- 2011-04-14: 1.1.0 tagging
- 2011-04-15: 1.1.0 release

Ensure that the new features work. Existing features shouldn't show
regressions. Take care of confusing wording, missing tooltips, tr()
calls etc. Make sure the KDE and the Qt version behave the same. In
- It should be (easily) possible to create a map theme using the map
wizard. That theme should be uploadable. The uploaded (shared) map
should be installable with Marble again. Someone should check that with
two or more map themes.
- Check that (un-)marking maps as favorite works as intended
- Check that the Apply and Reset buttons in the configuration dialogs of
plugins work as intended
- Check that the settings of plugins are stored and restored correctly
after a restart of Marble (here exist one or more bugs)
- Check that the default settings are sane and work correctly (delete
~/.kde/share/config/marblerc and ~/.config/kde.org/Marble\ Desktop\
Globe.conf to test that)
- Check the various configuration options of the plugins
- Check that locking, hiding and configuring plugins via the context
menu works as intended
- Check that the Info Boxes context menu works correctly and syncs with
the main menu
- Check the new online services: Earthquakes and OpenDesktop
- Check the MacOS version
- Check the Windows version

If you find issues, either fix them directly, write a bug report or
reply here.

For the mobile version (N900):
- Check that the features mentioned in [1] work

I'll tag RC1 later today and package a version for the N900 which you
can install from [2]. 1.1.0 tagging is planned for next Thursday. It
would be great to have MacOS and Windows packages soon after tagging.
Volunteers? :-)
I'll upload N900 packages soon after tagging. It takes at most twenty
days to get them to the Maemo extras repository after that (due to us
having an older version there already). I'd say we do a source-only
release for Linux unless someone steps up (using e.g. the OpenSuSE build
service)? Not sure which distributions will package this version.

We need a new visual changelog page at our website and a release
announcement. A news entry on our new git home [3].

That's what's coming to my mind right now. Again, please help out and
give feedback.


[1] http://nienhueser.de/blog/?p=309
[2] http://nienhueser.de/marble/maemo/
[3] https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdeedu/marble

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