[Marble-devel] QGraphicsView Overlay for marble

Andrew Manson g.real.ate at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 13:10:15 CET 2009

Thanks Inge and David, my eyes have been opened and i have been 
enlightened! ;)

I'll work on putting the code in the plugin architecture anyway today so 
it won't effect anything anyway!

Thanks again for the info!


Inge Wallin wrote:
> On Monday 23 March 2009 11:34:27 Andrew Manson wrote:
>> Hi Inge,
>> Thanks for the input. As an aside, is the use of MarbleWidgetPrivate and
>> all this d pointer stuff a named software pattern? if so whats the name
>> of it so that i can go and do a little more research on it, i never did
>> understand it fully and i sure don't know what you're talking about
>> binary compatibility for!  ;)
> Had Marble been just an application, then there had been no demand for binary 
> compatibility. But now marble is also a library and a widget which is use in 
> other applications. Those applications may not be released at the same time as 
> Marble, so they have to survive that the marble library is updated under their 
> feet as it were.
>> But about my code, i just put it there to get a quick idea as to what it
>> would look like. I intend to try and make it a plugin, i tried this at
>> the start but i was having trouble getting it to build and to run. I
>> reckon this is just because i don't really know how the plugin system
>> works yet, i'm going to have a look at the classes with regards to
>> plugins for marble sometime today. Do we have any documentation on this?
>> or possibly a How To?
> David Roberts sent you a good link, check that one out.
> 	-Inge
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