[Marble-devel] QGraphicsView Overlay for marble

Inge Wallin inge at lysator.liu.se
Mon Mar 23 12:53:58 CET 2009

On Monday 23 March 2009 11:34:27 Andrew Manson wrote:
> Hi Inge,
> Thanks for the input. As an aside, is the use of MarbleWidgetPrivate and
> all this d pointer stuff a named software pattern? if so whats the name
> of it so that i can go and do a little more research on it, i never did
> understand it fully and i sure don't know what you're talking about
> binary compatibility for!  ;)

Had Marble been just an application, then there had been no demand for binary 
compatibility. But now marble is also a library and a widget which is use in 
other applications. Those applications may not be released at the same time as 
Marble, so they have to survive that the marble library is updated under their 
feet as it were.

> But about my code, i just put it there to get a quick idea as to what it
> would look like. I intend to try and make it a plugin, i tried this at
> the start but i was having trouble getting it to build and to run. I
> reckon this is just because i don't really know how the plugin system
> works yet, i'm going to have a look at the classes with regards to
> plugins for marble sometime today. Do we have any documentation on this?
> or possibly a How To?

David Roberts sent you a good link, check that one out.


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