kate lsp client plugin

Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Mon Jul 15 21:03:10 BST 2019


> That is nice to hear indeed.
> I have been pondering a bit about the flood of parse errors in some
> (such) cases.  I was considering to allow disabling diagnostics (by
> some entry) in the projectMap (so project-wide), or maybe based on
> some pattern provided there.  Or maybe also using some document
> variable, though KTextEditor::VariableInterface is now gone at the
> moment ...

If there is need to have access to document variables, we can introduce 
that again,
thought I am not sure this is the solution to go, given I would actually 
something that needs to annotation/config that is Kate specific in the 

Perhaps some clever heuristics would be good enough, but that is 
for the time after all other polishing is done.

For the diagnostics output in the tab it would be very nice if always 
the current document
would be "activated" there, but otherwise this already works ok for the 
first version!

:=) At least some of my colleagues were impressed about the stuff that 
already works
and that you need to configure nothing for this at all.


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