kate lsp client plugin

Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Tue Jul 16 08:13:11 BST 2019


> If there is need to have access to document variables, we can
> introduce that again,
> thought I am not sure this is the solution to go, given I would 
> actually prefer
> something that needs to annotation/config that is Kate specific in the 
> sources.
> Perhaps some clever heuristics would be good enough, but that is 
> something
> for the time after all other polishing is done.
> For the diagnostics output in the tab it would be very nice if always
> the current document
> would be "activated" there, but otherwise this already works ok for
> the first version!
> :=) At least some of my colleagues were impressed about the stuff that
> already works
> and that you need to configure nothing for this at all.

the 19.08 release branch got created.

I would like to enable the plugin for compilation in master
to have it installed per default for post 19.08 development

Would that be ok?


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