kate lsp client plugin

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at kde.org
Tue Jul 2 20:49:19 BST 2019

Hi Mark,

I just tried the current version and am pretty much impressed. Code
really works nicely, I think that is extremely useful. Also goto definiton
nicely - cool!

What comes to my mind as useful features:
- when the text cursor hovers over a variable, highlight all occurrences of
the variable (KTextEditor::MovingRanges). It could even highlight read-only
access with e.g. a yellow background, and write access with a cyan
- In a class hierarchy, goto definition could return multiple entries
(including the base classes). In that case, I would suggest to just open a
QMenu at the current text cursor position listing the available choices.

Maybe I'll find some time to hack on it as well. In any case, please
this effort, this is one of the best additions Kate got in the recent years.

Best regards

On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 9:16 PM Mark Nauwelaerts <mark.nauwelaerts at gmail.com>

> Hi All,
> A while ago, I started to develop an LSP client plugin for kate. In my
> enthusiasm, I did not notice until recently that there was another
> approach at
> doing so (as mentioned here;
> https://cullmann.io/posts/kate-lsp-client-progress/). Consequently, my
> plugin's
> development is not related to the existing lsp branch and is also a
> separate
> plugin (not integrated into project plugin).  In particular, the LSP
> protocol
> code is plain-and-simple (and home-grown) but nevertheless effective and
> the
> plugin is already in fairly good shape (even if say so myself ;-) ).  It
> provides a symbol outline (like the SymbolViewer plugin), completion and
> goto
> definition, all of the former having been tested with clangd and
> python-language-server.
> The plugin code can be found in a github mirror fork;
> https://github.com/mnauw/kate/tree/lspclient.  Although in reasonable
> shape, it
> is still a work-in-progress and quite volatile.  I hope and expect to work
> on it
> on a daily basis in the coming weeks, to polish and refine the existing
> code
> (for corner cases) and to add support for declaration, references,
> signatureHelp, diagnostics (and maybe some other low hanging fruit).  All
> going
> well, it should end up in good state by early September (crossing some
> fingers)
> ...  And when/if in good shape, I obviously hope it could head into Kate
> master :-)
> Regards,
> Mark
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