kate lsp client plugin

Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Mon Jul 1 20:34:45 BST 2019


> I was indeed referring to initializationOptions, among others.
> Although it's possible, I have to admit I had not considered it for
> clangd 'compilationDatabasePath' since I followed the instructions on
> https://clang.llvm.org/extra/clangd/Installation.html and used a
> symlink (in project/source root) to make clangd find the compilation
> db in the build directory ;-)  That way, I can also use 1 instance for
> several (small cross-referencing) projects with separate compilation
> db's.  And this one instance will find them all by looking up into
> parent dirs.  And if it finds one, then it is happy and things work
> well.  If not, it (indeed) tends to degrade a lot quickly.
> Other experiments and code investigation show that the "rootUri" is
> not important for clangd (or python server) and almost not used.  So
> it does not matter all that much to what that is set exactly either.
> All in all, that makes the projectBase (or variant thereof) less
> important and if possible, I would try to steer configuration to
> promote fewer (server) instances, but to still allow separate ones
> (e.g. per project) with projectMap override configuration. However,
> all that would then be (static) config file based, so it's not (yet)
> clear how to fit in such clever dynamic (projectMap lookup-based)
> server-specific hack ;-)
> But I'll first try to allow for configuring the server (command line)
> without needing to recompile ;-)


I think for being easy to use, it would be nice if the auto-discover 
work for CMake generated .kateprojects, but yes, I am not that sure how 
do that best, too, beside with hacks like I did ATM.


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