D18083: Search plugin: Extend tooltip for the Regular Expressions switch

gregormi noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Jan 11 23:26:45 GMT 2019

gregormi added a comment.

  > Can you make the RegExp tool-tip available only when we are in RegExp mode?
  This makes sense. I also thought of that because accidentally hovering would always show such a big tooltip even when the user does not want to enable the regex option.
  > I think the same goes for all the ones with "same as"
  Yes, I was also unsure. I'll change that.
  > IMO the help/insert list in the "Add.." sub-menu of the search-context menu is quite good. Could you maybe use (a subset of) that?
  I didn't know this menu existed! This deserves a more accessible place which is only one (left) click away. I would say a button on the right side of the text box or so.
  > It would also be great to get this same into the builtin search combo in RegExp mode :)
  Hmm. What exactly where?
  > I'm sorry gregormi for no positive comment, you spend for sure a couple of time in doing it :-/
  Don't worry. I will spend some more time to make this a nice change.
  > Usually such detailed information is in the Kate handbook (which does / should explain all this).
  This kind of information should be quick to find: "Tooltip faster than Web Search faster than Kate handbook" :-)
  > What I usually try when adding tool tips is to make them short: Sometimes, the mouse randomly can stop at a location where a tooltip pops up. [...]
  I think with Kare's proposal to show the info only if the button is enabled (or even make the "Add..." menu better accessible) this can be resolved. Let's wait for the next iteration.
  > If you really want this additional info, would a What's This tip help as well?
  What I miss at "What's This" is a hint (preferably directly in the tooltip) which makes clear that a additional Whats-This-entry is available. Currently, it is so tedious to move the mouse around to find hidden What-This entries.

  R40 Kate


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