D18083: Search plugin: Extend tooltip for the Regular Expressions switch

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Sat Jan 12 07:05:55 GMT 2019

loh.tar added a comment.

  > I didn't know this menu existed!
  IIRC It's new, thanks to Kåre
  > What I miss at "What's This" is a hint (preferably directly in the tooltip) which makes clear that a additional Whats-This-entry is available.
  +1 Qt has the nice feature to show info text in a QStatusBar IIRC, unfortunately has Kate a different concept. It would be great to have such a bar in Kate/Every-KDE-Application where you can somehow redirect all tool-tips. I used this in my wpaCute to avoid tool-tips. The only drawback is that the text may not fit into the too narrow window.
  >> It would also be great to get this same into the builtin search combo in RegExp mode :)
  > Hmm. What exactly where?
  > I would say a button on the right side of the text box or so.
  Such button sounds to me not bad. 
  Because regex search boxes are often used may that best to have a KSearchWidget with such a button. If that's asking too much may your button at least added to KTexteditor and also used in this plugin. This button should of cause not only show the info, but a window which stays open and where you can select stuff like from the context menu.

  R40 Kate


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