D18083: Search plugin: Extend tooltip for the Regular Expressions switch

loh tar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Jan 11 15:09:31 GMT 2019

loh.tar added a comment.

  > Can you make the RegExp tool-tip available only when we are in RegExp mode?
  Not sure if that's a so good request.
  > I'm afraid that a beginner would not understand: "same as...
  I wouldn't care too much of quizzically beginner. However, I'm asking me if that "same as info" has some benefit. So I would it also remove. It's from that wiki and IIRC you read it "everywhere". How about a note where you can find more?
  However, in generally I'm often annoyed by tooltips, and that is pretty big.
  > IMO the help/insert list in the "Add.." sub-menu of the search-context menu is quite good.
  Indeed! Is that not the same info? How about only to add a tool tip to the input field that there is handy stuff in the context menu?
  (BTW It would be more handy to have that "Add..." menu on top of that list)
  I'm sorry gregormi for no positive comment, you spend for sure a couple of time in doing it :-/

  R40 Kate


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