D18083: Search plugin: Extend tooltip for the Regular Expressions switch

Kåre Särs noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jan 8 10:44:53 GMT 2019

sars added a comment.

  I really like the idea! :)
  Can you make the RegExp tool-tip available only when we are in RegExp mode? It means that you have to update the tool-tip whenever the mode changes.
  A small comment on the text itself. I'm afraid that a beginner would not understand: "same as (^\w|\w$\W\w|\w\W)"
  I think the same goes for all the ones with "same as"
  IMO the help/insert list in the "Add.." sub-menu of the search-context menu is quite good. Could you maybe use (a subset of) that?
  It would also be great to get this same into the builtin search combo in RegExp mode :)

  R40 Kate


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