D16926: Review user interaction in session management

loh tar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Nov 16 16:22:25 GMT 2018

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  Because this a little extensive patch, I guess you will need (and should take) some time for a review.
  - Split to smaller chunks is sadly in most cases problematic, please try not ask for it
  - The delete behavior may look a little unusual but I hope you will give it a chance
  - Take a closer look at "Open as Template". You may say it break your default settings when you start an anonymous session the next time. But I think that's not too bad. These default settings was for me always a little cloudy. You need some experience to handle these. So the work around for this is: Give your preferred default settings a session name, like a backup. But perhaps did I something wrong and it can be avoided to overwrite the anonymous session

  R40 Kate


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